Friday, March 11, 2011

Mailbox: a strong arm

I received another package from mister Wong Mai Ming today from Hong Kong. (no relation, no business interest) Whereas the day before yesterday I had no clue as to why I bought the item (a C-shaped bracket), today I am very content with my new purchase.

It is an all-metal articulating arm which is definitely not a cheap copycat of a product. On the contrary, I believe this is exactly the same product that is being sold by major US companies for much, much more. I have owned and been a fan of the Manfrotto Magic Arm for many years and I think it should be part of everyone's kit. Whether it is for mounting a camera, a light or whatever in unusual places, this arm does the job.

Now there is this baby version, about 30 cm long. Twist one knob and it secures all joints. Combine this with the nano clamp and you are very close to owning a Magic Arm mini. Cheesycam has a little video on the articulating arm. This 'baby' sells for 79 to 99 dollars in many places, but I paid 44 dollars including shipping. Great deal.


  1. Hey Jeroen
    Thanks for the tip, I was going to buy this very same arm from yesterday for 80euro.

    I ordered it via hong kong now, you saved me 40+ euro,
    Next time I see you,I owe you a beer.

    Soundmanneal. den Haag

  2. Hi jeroen
    Whats coming in the post 2morrow.????

  3. Hi Jeroen
    If You need cheap batteries for your 550D check this site ,
    10 euro each incl post.
    I got 2 for the 5D mk2 from her, work fine, 16 euro each.


  4. Sorry Forgot the link boven.

  5. Glad to have been of help, Neil. And thanks for the battery tip. I have three right now but good to hear they work out fine.
    As far as whats coming in the post tomorrow... I keep forgetting what I ordered!

  6. Hi Jeroen
    the konova slider arrived yesterday,Its smaller than I expected,I had played with this slider at the IBC last year That 1 was a 1 mtr long and double the thickness,It was also double the price.
    Anyway hope to try it out over the weekend.

    GRZ Neal.

  7. I heard/read from many users that smaller is better, so much more practical. Have fun with it!