Saturday, March 19, 2011

35 mm adapter deals

A friend and colleague just snatched a Redrock M2 35mm adapter off eBay for just a few hundred bucks. That's only a fraction of the original retail price. Everyone's so hung up on DSLR's and the likes that some very nice -and practically new- pieces of gear have become 'outdated' at a rapid pace. Well, at least to some...
Others have a lot invested in their 'traditional' camera's like my friend's EX1 and are waiting for 'the generation after the DSLR's', which would be something like the Panasonic AG-AF100. But if you don't have the money yet or are waiting for something like the Red Scarlett, you can get that 35mm look for just a few hundred euro's, as opposed to spending thousands on a DSLR plus accessories. There's a lot of 35mm adapters out there and prices are getting better every day.

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