Thursday, March 24, 2011

Follow Focus on the way

I've ordered the D|Focus V3 and today I received an update that the unit is shipped. An acquaintance has had the V2 for a while and told me it is 'pretty good', especially considering the price. I figured the V3 must be better, perhaps even 'almost good'. I was looking at two Follow Focus options:

-The CineFocus R2 for around 430,- (including   shipping from England)
-The D|Focus V3 for around 160,- (including shipping from Finland. This price is only for businesses, for non-business customers you must add 24%)

    The Finnish reseller is making some cash on the shipping, which I find a bit annoying because on his website it specifically states that up to 2 kilograms you pay 10,- but when you checkout it has become 24,- I 'hope' my FF does not weigh anywhere close to 2 KG and so I emailed him about this.  I got a vague response about there 'not being an option on the website for shipping under 2 kg' ..

    I am not a heavy duty DSLR shooter (yet) and like to get my toes wet with the budget FF. What can D|Focus deliver for 160,-? Very much looking forward to receiving it and doing an unboxing and first test.

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