Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mailbox: a 6mm 1.2 for 14,99!

I read about the possibilities of adjusting a Pentax 6mm f1.2 to fit the Panasonic GH2 and use it in crop mode. That's a wide, fast lens and that usually means big bucks. In this case the writer mentioned a 9,99 pricepoint and that's a deal even the most deprived of filmers can afford.
There were more great deals to be found for this lens, the author said, but, as these things go, word spreads fast and many of the really cheap 6mm's were gone in the blink of an eye. But with a little bit of searching on national eBay-sites, I found a German seller who was selling a whole batch of them. It wasn't 9,99 but at 23,- incl shipping still a decent deal. These lenses are B-stock which means they could have imperfections.

Small! Pentax 6mm 1.2 and Canon 50mm 1.4
I ordered one at it arrived in my mailbox today. To my surprise there wasn't one, but two lenses in there! Completely new. He threw one extra in probably because the box was completely crumpled (or because we have the same last name). I also noticed he had a deal where you buy 5, you get an extra one for free. That deal is gone as I am obviously not the only one who has found this seller. At the time of this writing there were 8 lenses left.

The lenses have aperture and focusring locked down (why?) but you can undo the little screws with the included miniature screwdrivers. Focus and aperture then seem to work fine. Now it's just a matter of buying an adapter, start grinding it to fit and mount it to my GH2. And since I am not handy, that is going to be somewhat of an obstacle... (but luckily if I screw up I have an extra one!) But when that hurdle is taken, this is what you can shoot with this little lens:

WIDE SHARP CHEAP and FAST C-mount lens on GH2 !!! (Pentax 6mm 1:1.2 with crop mode 1:1) from Seb Farges on Vimeo.


  1. Do you still have it?
    I'm looking for it! Let me know if you want to sell it.

    1. Still have it... may want to sell... but only for the right price ;-) Send me a pm...