Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stop! Adapter madness

I have 20+ fixed adapters lying around and none of them output 8.4v. I have one 'universal adapter' that outputs from 1.5v to 12v in steps of 1.5. No 8.4v option. Panasonic charges around 55 euro's for their 8.4v AC adapter. Why 8.4v?
I went to several different electronic stores and they roll their eyes when you say you're looking for an adapter that outputs 8.4v. "No, we don't carry that. It's a very unusual output voltage. Why do you think Panasonic made one different from all the others? So you'd have to buy theirs! Har har har!"

I feel somebody is playing a trick on me and I refuse to pay 55,- for an accessory that should cost no more than 25,- to 30,- euro's. In addition, it's an assault on the environment to produce unnecessary electronics. There should be one standard adapter for digital camera's, similar to a recent agreement (enforced by politics) between mobile phone manufacturers to produce one standard charger/adapter.
Anyway, I searched hard for an alternative to the Panasonic adapter. Couldn't find one on eBay, unless you want to go ultra-cheap and feel like a DIY-job with electrical cords. I don't. So for those who are like me in Europe, here's a 26,- alternative called Voltcraft SPS2500 with 8.4v. Nice thing is you can use for more than just the camera.

Panasonic, Sony, JVC and all the rest: get on the ball and produce a standard that respects your customers and the environment.

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