Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Filmersblog is going English

To regular visitors it won't come as a big surprise and parts of the content of this blog were already in English, but now it's officially formal, final & approved by the Board of Trustees and the shareholders committee: filmersblog is going English.  It wasn't an easy decision because I started this blog primarily aimed at the Dutch market and I wanted to create a unique place for Dutch video and filmmakers.

But since half of my visitors are from all over the world and the language of filmmakers is a) visual and b) English, there really is no use going on in Dutch. For those who want to continue reading the articles in Dutch -or any language other than English- there is a translation button on the blog. (and if you have questions and/or would like to communicate in Dutch, you can always contact me personally)
The blog remains the same in sharing its passion for solid gear, good deals and videoproduction in general. Bless you.

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