Monday, March 14, 2011

I know why I bought this!

A few days ago my C-shaped bracket arrived from mister Ming in Hong Kong and I had no idea why I had ordered it. There was nothing wrong with the product, as a matter of fact, it was a neat, solid little contraption, but I was positive this item was heading straight for the bottom drawer, not to reappear for many years to come.
But then  I started to play with it, disassemble it, and there suddenly was the solution for mounting both a lamp AND wireless receiver to my Sony EX1R. Why didn't I see that right away? Who cares! I'm one happy shooter and I still have half of the bracket left! Seems like this story is to be continued...


  1. hi jeroen

    The cold shoe's alone are worth the money it cost.
    got to get me 1 of these baby's.Mister Ming in Hong Kong here we come.


  2. And there is still a threaded hole to attach something else in addition to the receiver!

  3. just ordered 1.
    It's starting to get expensive following your blog,
    So far, I've got the konova,the mini magic arm,and now this baby.
    I got some interesting news from frank at konova slider's today,
    Apparently they have a motorised version coming in the near future.
    Cool, and for alot less money than a kessler I bet.

    grz Neal.

  4. Interesting- how did you get the news?

  5. Via E-mail
    I asked him for details of any other options for the slider and costs. His reply was quote" Thank u and Varavon was departed from our brand and became a individuall brand.
    We will soon have a motored version.
    Currently version we have 80 1m and 1.2m one
    Other size need to be ordered
    Thank u
    Jeroen dont give the info to cheesycam. I want 1 1st.

    GRZ Neal