Friday, March 25, 2011

Hands-on with the Sony NEX FS100

This really is the new type of marketing: ask a filmmaker to talk about designing a new camera and then have him sell it to his peers. I mean, the camera certainly looks promising but some comments, like "look, a headphone jack so you can monitor your audio- something we really really wanted..." (is it, really??) and "a peaking function that help you with focusing- really exciting!" (yesss, it's the latest in focus technology!!) set off my alarmbells. (And notice how they flash good ol' Philip Bloom for a sec, just for 'street credibility')

Aside from this being an obvious sales pitch, I wouldn't say no if someone shoved a FS100 in my hand for the upcoming birthday...

NEX FS 100 Video Blog from Den & James on Vimeo.

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