Friday, March 25, 2011

Mailbox: 15,- multicoated UV filter and 2,- step-up ring

46-52mm step-up ring with 52mm LCW variable ND filter

Luxury problem: you have several camera's and want to be able to use your lenses and filters on both of them. Enter the world of adapter rings, step-up rings, stacking and threading.
I was particularly looking for a solution to mount my 55,- LCW variable ND-filter, which I bought for my Canon 50mm 1.8, on my Panasonic pancake 20mm 1.7 The step-up ring cost me less than 2,- and thus saved me over 50,- A great solution.

Lumix pancake with Kenko multicoated UV filter

I paid 350,- for the Panasonic pancake lens and needed to protect the glass with an UV-filter. The Kenko seems to represent good value for the money: 15,- for a multicoated piece of glass. I'll post some tests later to show the affect on picture quality.

Remarkable to see the completely opposite approaches to packaging: the Kenko's packaging was outrageous: it came in a sturdy plastic manufacturer's box, wrapped in protective isolation, which in turn was wrapped in tons of bubble plastic, and sent off in a selfmade box with a heart-shaped, handwritten note.

The step-up ring had a minimalistic approach: it came in a very thin sheet of plastic in an envelope in minimal plastic cover.

Although I appreciate the thought behind the thorough approach, the ecological footprint is completely out of proportion. Let's take it easy on the wrapping!

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