Monday, October 31, 2011

Portable, more portable, portablest jib...

I have written about my portable jib which arrived just over a month ago. It's light and well-made and portable. There's another kid on the block that claims to do the same while being even lighter and more portable. The downside is that it costs twice as much and that it will only hold DSLR's.
Well, it just happens to be that today for the first time I took along my jib to a paid gig and mounted my EX1R to it. It took the weight effortlessly. (even though I need some more counterweight) Anyway, check out this ultraportable jib and tell me how you like it if you happen to own one.


  1. WOW~that is really easy portable...I like it!!!!
    but I need to buy a fluid tripod first...
    Any tripod do you suggest :)

  2. I own a Manfrotto 525P kit which I like but it's considered a 'budget tripod' and not as good as a Vinten or Sachtler. The Manfrotto will jerk back at the end of a tilt or pan movement and presumably Vinten or Sachtler heads do not. The Vision Blue system from Vinten or the new Sachtler Ace are nice for DSLR and the latter one is only around €550 but may be a little light if you want to mount this jib unto it. Add up your camera weight and the jib and see what the max capacity is of the tripod system and you'll know.

    If at all possible, don't skimp on the tripod! (it will last you a lifetime)