Monday, March 7, 2011

Mailbox: an adapter for my Canon FD 50mm!

From somewhere between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, a Russian Israeli by the name of Alexander Shkolnikov sent me a brown envelope containing a black metal ring. Today it dropped on my doormat in Amsterdam, I opened it, photographed it and connected it to my GH2. A small chain of events which, because I chose to write about it, will not go unnoticed. (And that was my contemplation for the day.)

I was looking for a micro 4/3 to FD adapter so I can mount my Canon prime lens to my Panasonic GH2 and this one cost me 1,25. That was just a (cheap) trick to get my attention, but even with the 15,- shipping costs, it was still cheaper than anything else. Even though the seller had a feedback score of 3, I went ahead. (by the way, I just checked the seller and obviously he has been doing some business again: his feedback went up to an astounding 7 counts! He has one item for sale at the moment: a Minolta  MC/MD Quantaray MC Macro 80-200mm f3.8 for US$ 0,99!! O, sorry, shipping cost are 38,- 6 hours left to buy from this time of writing...)
But to get back to the adapter: it seems to be working well. The locking mechanism is tricky: I can lock the adapter to the camera, but I can't get a locking click from the lens to the adapter. That seems to be a matter of screwing on tightly. Will start playing today and post footage asap!

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