Friday, January 21, 2011

Unboxing and testdriving the Konova Slider

The slider is delivered. I expected a big box but this was not very impressive. That's a good thing, though, because smaller means less weight and easy carrying.
First impression: very solid. This thing will not bend easily so a camera like an EX1r with monitor, mics etc should be no problem. It's a simple piece of gear: screw the feet on and it's ready to go. Well, in my case I had to adjust the bearings because out of the box they were a little tight. When placing on a tripod it obviously has to be perfectly balanced. And you need to really lock down the head because it will tilt under the weight of the camera.

Unboxing and test driving the Konova slider from on Vimeo.

I had a hard time locking down my Manfrotto 503 head. If it's not rock solid, you will get camera shake, particularly when you reach the end of the slider. A DSLR like the 550D on the slider with one tripod is manageable, even though it didn't feel 100% With a bigger or heavier camera, I would recommend 2 tripods or supports for best results. Especially when shooting tele.
I tried placing the slider vertically but had a very hard time to go upwards smoothly. Down was easier, for obvious reasons, but you need a good monitoring device to know what you're doing. And 4 hands. I'm not sure I'll use the vertical option very much.
All in all, this is a very tight little slider. It's definitely worth the money and will greatly increase your painter's palette, so to speak. You won't regret this purchase.

closeup bearing

where to adjust friction of bearings


  1. Hi Jeroen, could you check how much the Konova Slider weights (80cm slider +carriage +legs)? I can't seem to find that info anywhere.
    Thanks, Thierry

  2. Sorry, I don't have a scale! Send an email to Frank Shaw He can help you!

  3. Something went wrong: here's his email:

  4. Thanks, I'll post back when I get an answer!

  5. Already got Frank's super fast reply:

    The 80cm Konova Slider weighs 3kg with legs, and 2kg without legs.

  6. On the little rubber wiper things, does it have any writing that might indicate what brand they are?

  7. Can't see anything. Why are you interested?

  8. What model number is this one?

  9. Mine doesn't have a number; it's the 80cm version.

  10. perfect, thanks.

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    1. Thanks, Jodie. I don't have any experience with guest blogging- why do you ask?