Sunday, July 10, 2011

Review: Slik Pro 700DX

I've been using my new Slik Pro tripod now for more than two weeks and I've been shooting quite a lot with this setup, having a really good time.
I wanted a new tripod because I had been bicycling around town with my 550D or GH2 using a very lightweight Velbon tripod to shoot video. But the plasticky Velbon is really a photo tripod, only good for static shots and it doesn't have a bowl head for easy leveling.
I already owned a Fancier 717AH head (also known as Weifeng) that I bought to use with my Konova slider so all I needed was a set of legs. I decided to complement the head with the Slik Pro 700DX tripod legs and added the Manfrotto 438 ball leveler because I really wanted the speed and convenience of quick leveling.
For portable use this combination has really proven itself. First of all (and maybe most importantly), it has taken away my reluctance to go out and shoot because I needed to tug around a heavy, impractical tripod.
Secondly, this combo sets up easier than my Manfrotto 525P kit. It doesn't have the mid-spreader and because of the weight advantage, I can lift the tripod with one hand while adjusting the legs with the other; something I was never able to do with the heavier tripod. The lockers feel solid and comfortable.

It may be just an insignificant detail but I like the foam around the legs when handling the tripod and this feature will prove itself even more in the winter months, when it will insulate my hands from the cold metal.
After unscrewing part of the center column, this tripod can go very low. Fully extended, you can get all the height you need, although at full length the tripod is a little too light for smooth panning or tilting.

All in all I am very content with these legs and the combination with the Fancier head and the Manfrotto ball leveler makes it even better. It makes me want to go out and shoot- and that's the best compliment a piece of gear can get.
If you need a portable, second tripod this one is hard to beat for the price. And if you're on a budget and only shoot DSLR video, this may be the only combination you'll ever want.

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