Thursday, July 14, 2011

Do try this at home!

I was talking about the 10.000 viewer challenge a few days ago and here is a video that has completely crunched these numbers. Yesterday around 4 pm I looked at this clip and there were 4500 views. As I am writing this, the counter has hit 122.500,-!
This video also completely exceeds the requirements I set for the challenge: this is lots, lots of work... I'd be curious to hear how long they prepared for this succesful run. Judging by the cheering at the end of the video, it must have screwed up quite a bit before they pulled this off.
You must be positively nuts to get this thing together. And very creative. Perseverant. Plus you need a lot of gorilla pods. We need more nutcases like this in the world! Do try this at home- and share it. (thanks, Neal, for the tip!)

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