Tuesday, July 19, 2011

(who wants to) turn your iPhone into a DSLR

 If you own an iPhone 4, you can use this crazy adapter to mount your lenses and get incredible quality photo and video. At least that's the idea. This is so silly. If I am going to bring one or more lenses, I might as well bring my camera body and blow the iPhone to smithereens, quality wise.

I mean, I am a gadgetfreak, and I have a soft spot for fruitcakes, non-conformists and everyone who thinks 'out of the box'. So I like the fact that this crazy idea has materialized. But can you imagine going through the trouble of mounting the adapter, attaching the lens, bringing a tripod (to get that steady shot, especially with your nice telelens), taking the shot, breaking down your gear and uploading the photo (because that's the main advantage over a DSLR). It goes against anything that mobile photography stands for: quick, lightweight, unprententious, painless!
Not to mention the fact that you can't even answer a phonecall. I can just imagine missing out on that big assignment because that 100mm lens prevents your ear from reaching the speaker... Try explaining that to your client.

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