Saturday, July 23, 2011

Greatest hit? My entry to the 10.000 viewer challenge!

A little over a week ago I challenged myself to make a clip that would reach 1000 viewers in a month, 10.000 in six months. I was going to be a hog for numbers. No artistic pretentions. SCORE is the motto. But discretely. No porn, no violence. So that leaves dogs: one of the top attractions on YouTube. Guaranteed to be a box-office succes.

Help me reach my goal: send this video to friends, family and acquaintances! And if you hate dogs, send it to your enemies!
Don't just sit and watch (cranck up the sound)- be part of history! (ok, that's way over the top but I really like the sound of it)

The 10.000 viewer challenge! from Filmersblog on Vimeo.

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