Saturday, July 16, 2011

Try out sensors and field of view

The list of sensor sizes for DSLR's and videocamera's just keeps growing and growing and it may be hard to decide what sensor best fits your needs. Because: how do all these different sensor sizes affect the picture you're shooting? We all know that the bigger the sensor, the better in low light and the better the ability to get shallow depth of field.
But how about field of view? How much of this beautiful landscape do I get in the picture when using a camera with an APS-C sensor (Canon 550D/T2i/60D/7D) compared to a camera with a Micro 4/3 chip (Panasonic GH2) when using a 50mm lens? And at 20mm or 100mm? Well, here's the tool to find out for yourself. Choose a camera, choose a lens and see what the result is.

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