Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Overwhelming interest in lens-adapters from Middle East!

There has been an incredible surge in blog-visitors from the Middle East, practically doubling my visitor numbers! And it has been consistently growing for the last week or so. Apparently my article on lens adapters has really touched a nerve with our friends in Quatar, Palestine, Saudi-Arabia, Jemen and Iran, to name just a few...
Granted I did a pretty good job on analyzing the pros and cons of various lens-adapters on the market and I really nailed this topic from a user-perspective, but to think this subject would be my top article of all times..?! A writer can only dream of such success! I hope that my new-found guests will continue to visit my blog, even if I discuss topics other than lens-adapters.
In conclusion I would like to share with you an important lesson learned from this story: don't ever underestimate the power of a professional salesperson...

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