Sunday, July 24, 2011

Odd Sony camera repair...


Today I received my EX1-R from the Sony repair service. I had busted my camera after it dropped 5 feet from my bicycle unto the pavement. The bill was €600,- and the Sony repairman came up with this remarkable solution: three tiewraps to hold it together! Do you think I should file a complaint? Or write them a letter to tell them their service guy deserves a Nobel prize?

I'm kidding. I applied the tiewraps myself, as a temporary solution. First I unscrewed the little screws on the handle, looked if there was anything crooked inside and then gently pressed the handlebar together while tying the tiewraps. It works! The 'record' button functions again, the zoom lever recovered and dust and moisture are kept outside. Great work, if I say so myself. This solution will keep me in business until after my upcoming 2 camera-shoot this week...

In my book, the invention of tiewraps is way up there, along with the Wheel and the iPhone lens-adapter ;-)


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