Monday, November 14, 2011

Review: budget DSLR viewfinder

Solid attachment via click-system

About 3 weeks ago I received the 'Perfect' DSLR viewfinder for $46 shipped. I've had the pleasure to shoot some video with it and my conclusion is that 'cheap' in this case does not mean rubbish. Obviously they had to save somewhere and that's on the construction. This little viewfinder is not the most sturdy device and it's an all-plastic design (including the VF). I also have a clone LCDVF and that plastic is quite harder/thicker than what is used here. But it does not feel flimsy. (the weak part in this construction is the hinge)

plastic hinge: doomed to break..?
The way the viewfinder clicks to the (glued) metal frame is a delight and it feels very sturdy. I like this much better than the magnet alternative that you can more easily push off. Then there is the +- diopter which is nice for people who wear glasses. In the last year I have had to start using reading glasses so this adds a little confidence to focussing. The rubber eyecup is soft and comfortable to the eye. For review or settings it is really nice to have the flip-up design where you can switch between magnification and viewing the entire LCD without having to take off the entire device.

This viewfinder has made it possible for me to shoot video with my Canon 550D/T2i without using some kind of stabilization. I also own a SmallHD DP4 but sometimes you just want to shoot fast & simple: with the 'Perfect' viewfinder and your camera you can do just that.

practical flip-up design

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