Friday, November 25, 2011

Where the hell is my Manfrotto monopod??!!

Manfrotto: where art thou?
Weifeng: the budget alternative
7 weeks ago I ordered and paid for a Manfrotto BHDV-1 (monopod with fluid head) and I'm still shooting handheld... I could really use it for a project I'm working on -a tripod is not an option- and I hold Manfrotto responsible for all the jittery footage I have shot... Manfrotto could have given me some service by sending me the monopod first and the head later, but it's been 8 days since I asked them to do this and I haven't heard anything since.
 I'm looking at alternatives now and I found a Special Deal on Personal View. At $189,- it's a lot cheaper than the Manfrotto model at $300,- Plus it's carbon (and thus lighter) but lacks the three little feet I'm really attracted to. (I have a feet-fetish, a 'feetish' you might say) But I'm not sure how practical the feet really are and how much I would miss if I didn't have them...
An entirely other option is buying a 'bare' carbon monopod and mount my Weifeng 717 fluid head on top... I'll be all set for $130 then...
 I'm going to give Manfrotto a few more days and then cancel my order if they don't come through, somehow...


  1. Als je besluit de order te annuleren, ben ik bereid de order wel over te nemen. De monopod is namelijk in prijs verhoogd!

    mvg, ton

  2. Ja, ik zag het... rare bedoening: niet leveren, wel de prijs verhogen... grondstoffen-probleem?