Saturday, November 12, 2011

Magic Bullet Looks coming to FCP X

It's taking a while longer than planned but Magic Bullet Looks is coming to FCP X. This is important news for us but for Apple as well because many shooters/editors have held out switching to FCP X because they would have to miss third party plugins like Magic Bullet Looks.
I've had FCP X for quite a while but find myself still using FCP 7. I can't get myself to start learning the new FCP. Maybe I'll just have to ask Santa for a crashcourse FCP X and immerse myself into this new software for a week. Anyway, with Magic Bullet Looks, FCP X is becoming a lot more attractive.

For real easy filterwork Magic Bullet has Mojo 1.2 on offer for only $49,- for a limited time only. That's a good offer (50% off) and naturally this new edition is compatible with FCP X.

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