Friday, November 18, 2011

Good deal on DSLR Cage

PROAIM: decent cage, decent price

I've spent a few hundred euro on my Gini DSLR rig only to discover that the setup I bought was not ideal and I added a cage and top handle. I think with a DSLR a cage is the way to go. Add arms and grips for handheld work if you wish but start with that basic cage setup that will allow you to expand and build upon. I noticed Indian company ProAim has a good deal on eBay for their 6' DSLR cage: for US $145,- you get:

  • 2x Brackets with 15mm rod  holders, 
  • Top Handle with soft-grip 
  • Quick Release sliding plate with adapter
  • 2pc of 15mm Carbon Fiber Rods 450mm long
  • 4pc of 15mm Carbon Fiber  Rods 225mm long

That's not a bad deal and it's a great starting point if you're building a new rig. ProAim is obviously not high-end gear but that's mostly noticeable in the finish (rough edges, plastic knobs) for the price it's very decent. I would recommend getting the 9' cage if you have a battery grip. I would also recommend getting a tripod mounting plate if you don't have one yet. The kit including this plate goes for $195,- 

6' cage kit with tripod mounting plate


  1. I've this cage (6") with the Proaim-Mattebox... the cage is very nice and the quality is great specially for this price! the mattbox isn't useable for me cause the quality is very bad but the cage + lpt, cinematics or trusmt mattebox + trusmt, lpt or catclaw handles + lpt shoulder pad is a great setup! I use this cage with the trusmt parts and I love it!

  2. Good to hear, Jan Carlo and thanks for the warning against the mattebox. Just what I thought- get this for a base-rig and supplement with other gear. I already have a cage but paid more for less gear than you get from ProAim. I have the TrusMT mattebox- good deal.