Thursday, November 24, 2011

Eat your heart out, Philip Bloom!

Cameraman/DOP Philip Bloom is arguably one of the best timelapse photographers out there (at least from what I've seen...) but in this case the problem was that he actually wasn't out there... Somebody beat him to this one. This is timelapse photography at a higher level...
I feel humbled in many ways: by the power of these pictures, the fact that I feel like a sub-level atom after viewing this and by the knowledge that I cannot produce anything even close as impressive as this marvelous footage.


  1. am just an amateur doing it for fun. Tom Lowe and co are the best. This is amazing though!

  2. Haven't discovered Tom Lowe & co yet... Thanks for the tip, 'amateur' ;-)

  3. Ok, I just saw Rapture from Tom Lowe & Co and I see what you mean. These guys are 'one step beyond'... Madness...