Saturday, June 11, 2011

A few cents for smooth pans

An oldie but goodie. Never seen it before. Should also great in combination with a slider so you don't get those jerky starts or stops.

Rubber Band Tip from Braxton McCarthy on Vimeo.


  1. Hi Jeroen.
    Heb je en link to en Ebay seller.
    Just kidding.

    Gr Neal
    PS: Zacuto EVF on the way from UK €592.

  2. I have a special going on, Neal: 3 for the price of 2! Gotta act quick though...

    I've been looking at the Zacuto EVF (who hasn't...) Which one did you order- and where?

  3. Hi Jeroen
    I choose the snap on, I think an extra 100bucks for a hinge is over the top.
    I tryed out the Flip model at the AV manifestatie,
    funny thing was whenever i went to flip the thing the Z-finder would fall off.

    Total price incl shipping was 592euro, Thats cheaper than here and no 1 has them in stock here.

    They also have then in stock.I mailed them before i ordered.
    If you order from zacuto USA you have to wait at least a month and the shipping is 60 bucks.

    Mine should arrive end of this week.
    If you want to have a look before you buy 1,Could have a meet up. 1/2 way amsterdam/den haag.

  4. What about taxes, Neal? And do you have a loupe already?
    I really don't have the extra cash to spare but I may take you up on that offer to take a look before I leave for the US in August...

  5. Jeroen
    Uk is EU no extra taxes, 592 is inc BTW and shipping
    If your BTW registered ,you dont have to pay it.
    It will cost you €488+ 15.99uk for shipping.

    I cant get the BTW back so its €
    592 complete for me.
    my 5d film set is still an out of control hobby for me.

    I,ll let you know when I have it.

    gr Neal

  6. PS I allready have the zacuto Z-finder pro to attach to it.
    My neighbour as the LCDviewfinder,I will let you know if that 1 fits on it.
    gr Neal

  7. Did you ever consider the SmallHD DP6?

  8. Yeah nice monitor, I considered all of them, The EVF won for my needs.
    I want to use it as an evf.So i can still keep my rig small,
    The HDMI loop through can feed my second monitor (7" 1080p HD) so the client,Director etc, can see what I am framing,shooting close by.
    I also have a 24" full HD screen I can loop through HDMI. Very handy on a set, studio etc. for a quick fullscreen play back just to confirm that I hit focus.
    Going to put it all to the test soon, I have a few music video coming up to shoot, July.

    As far as the EVF go's.

    I tried it out already and its a big improvement over the 5D screen with the 3x Z Finder attached.
    When I am filming with just that system, I am never 100% sure if i am in focus especially with wide angle lenses. 8 times out of 10 its OK,But i have this constant in doubt feeling when i hit record.
    I am hoping the evf will give me a less stressy feeling.
    Wait untill mine gets here. Then come and have a look convince yourself.

    Gr Neal