Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mailbox: LP-E6 + charger

I received my aftermarket LP-E6 battery and charger today that I ordered while in the US. In addition to another set of 2 batteries plus charger I bought during my stay in America for use with my SmallHD DP4, I now have three batteries and 2 chargers in total.
The charger I received today is a familiar one: the same model that came with my first order of LP-E6 batteries. It has a removable battery-plate that you can swap for other types of camera batteries. The battery is 1800 mAh as opposed to the 2200 mAh from my previous (US) order. The printing on the battery is also different but the body feels and looks the same.


You can use a single LP-E6 to power the DP4 so I'm curious to see whether the 2200 mAh lasts longer than the 1800 mAh. Moreover: does or can anyone verify/control what Chinese manufactureres put on their products? How do we even know that 1800 mAh is not really 1400 mAh? Or is that just the risk we take at $15 for a battery+charger incl shipping, a fraction of official Canon battery prices..?

Note: the batteries I bought from the US seller for 19,- are still holding up, after about 3,5 hours of operation on the DP4. In addition to the wall-charger they ship with a car-charger.  So they look like a much better deal. Seller does not guarantee info-recognition in camera but that's a feature I don't need.

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