Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mailbox: OEM LP-E6 batteries

I received my much-awaited LP-E6 clones today, for which I paid express shipping so I can use my SmallHD DP4 during my stay here in the States this month. I paid $30,- for 2 batteries including travel charger, car charger and express shipping.
The batteries do not display information to the camera but since I am solely using them for my monitor, I don't need that function. And I hate to pay for something I don't use.
These batteries are 2200 MAh, which I believe is more than the standard Canon 1800 mAh and I confirm that they work ;-) The question is, of course, for how long. Time will tell.
For now they power up my DP4 and I've had the pleasure to shoot some video with the battery-powered monitor, my GH2 and my new Super-Takumar 50mm 1.4. I love this lens already- will post footage tomorrow!


  1. Hi Jeroen
    That looks like the charger I got with the Zacuto EVF,
    The zacuto 1 wont charge any original canons and my original canon battery charger wont charge the Zacuto battery, Kinda sucks that I now have to take 2 chargers with me for the same kind of batteries.

    Look forward to the footage tomorrow.

    GRZ Neal

  2. That does suck. But at least you can use one type of battery- I have to bring several kinds! (plus chargers...)