Saturday, September 3, 2011

Give a little, take a little...

Here's a guy who has put a lot of hard work into building a blog called NoFilmSchool, creating a lot of great content with the intention to realize his one great dream: to produce and direct his own feature film. Koo gave us a lot, the DSRL Cinematography Guide, for example, but also countless good articles on 'How to Build a Hackintosh', gear reviews and other good stuff that filmers and editors need to get things done & get it done on a budget.
After all that he's given away for free, he is now asking us to help him realize his dream by making a contribution to the production of his film Man-Child, a movie 'exploring the high stakes world of youth basketbal'. I pledged $25,-, not an amount that is going to hurt me, and if only 5000 people give that same amount (1% of his half million visitors a month) he can make his dream come true. We don't need big studios or big business to get our projects realized... we only need eachother.

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