Friday, September 16, 2011

I've Sold my Soul without Selling my Film... now it's time to Sell my Film without Selling my Soul. At least that's what the authors of this book promise with the book of the same title. The book is free up untill October 1 and you can get different versions: for iPad, iPhone, pdf, Kindle, Sony E-Reader, you name it. Enhanced with video interviews with filmmakers. Only the paperback will cost money.
This is a great initative and promises to be of great help in raising money for postproduction for the documentary I'm working on.
I've been trying to download a copy for my iPad but I can't because it's only offered in the US iTunes Store, not in the Dutch one..??!! What the..? I am a World Citizen, not a prisoner of Holland?! Come on, Apple, figure it out. You're getting worse than Mickeysoft! Luckily I was able to download a pdf from the film collaborative's website but I want to watch those interviews as well!@! Anyway, get your copy while it's free and make sure to spread the word.

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