Monday, August 8, 2011

Commercials in the USA

I've been coming to the States since I was a little boy.

I have strong memories of American television. Endless cartoons, the Adams Family, Batman! It was children's heaven. The commercials also made a big impression because you couldn't escape them; every few minutes the program would interrupt with advertisements for cereals, toys, dog food, to name just a few...

My memories of these commercials are of positive, dynamic and naieve images of a Disney-reality. They represented a fantasy world of happy, wealthy families with big houses, cars and dogs. Pictures of the American Dream.

Today I am here and see that commercials have not really changed in more than 30 years. They still have that goofy optimism. But for the first time I also notice how simple many of them are made: people shouting in your face with harsh lighting and unattractive scenery. Like cheap soap operas. American filmmakers have changed the world with their creativity and craftmanship but in TV-commercials very little of that talent is reflected. And I can't help but wonder: why?

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