Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tripod on the way: Slik 700DX Pro

I went ahead and ordered this set of tripod legs. These legs combined with the Fancier 717 AH video head and Manfrotto 438 ball leveller will form my new portable tripod set, while serving double-duty as a second pair of decent legs for event registration. The set weighs around 4 kilo's, which is a whopping 3 kilo's lighter than my Manfrotto kit. With a maximum load of 6,5 kilo and rising up to 1.90 meter this tripod fulfills more than all my needs.
Strange that these Slik legs are not available in the Netherlands. I decided to order from a US eBay seller for 92 euro's all in, a very decent price for a solid yet light set of legs. Below a guy doing a review who was advised to buy this combo by a knowledgeable photographer who contributes to the B&H photo and video website. My combo beats that by a 100 bucks.

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