Thursday, June 9, 2011

A bag for my new tripod

fancy but heavy
It seems like I'm spending a few bucks more on this tripod than planned... Funny, hasn't that happened before... with other purchases?
But I have to protect my new investment. Can't go around slugging and beating it against the pavement, in and out of cars, on and off my bike without some sort of protection. So I started hunting for a tripod carrying bag and found a really nice, affordable 'Slik' bag, designed specifically for my tripod, but it seems just a bit short for the legs and leveler and head combo. Another downer is that this bag adds 3/4 kilo's to the weight I'm trying to save...
So after a little more research I think I found what I'm looking for. 20 euro's incl shipping.

slim and lightweight

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