Tuesday, June 7, 2011

(royalty) free music

Who doesn't need it? A soundtrack for a commercial, a soundbite here, a musical interlude to spice up a clip... When I just started out in this business, I would simply pick a nice tune from my extensive music collection, add it as a soundtrack and everyone was happy... I never imagined I had to pay copyrights for these 3 minute budget productions I was making. But then a client of mine was approached by a copyright organization about the music I used for a video I produced for them.

It just happened to be that I 'composed' it myself in Garageband but it was a warning nonetheless.

Lately I've pretty much exhausted all the Garageband tunes and was looking for something else. A friend and colleague of mine pointed me to this online library where you can find a lot of great tunes, many of which you can use for commercial purposes, as long as you credit the makers. With over 90.000 tunes available -and growing- there must be something for every clip and every mood. Some of them sound more professional than others but if you take the time to explore, this is a very worthwhile place for finding royalty free music for your videos.

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  1. Some people are just so dumb... As cool as it would be to just use a Lil Wayne or Wiz Khalifa song, YOU CAN'T!!! I have had so many friends get their channels terminated over dumb copyright crap and they EVEN KNEW they should be using that music from the very beginning. LITERALLY you can buy royalty free music CHEAP AS DIRT. DO NOT trust the people making youtube videos saying "DubStep Royalty Free / Copyright free to use" ...Why because a lot of them just upload shit that isn't even theirs to make ad money...Then before you know it, the studio behind that song claims it within the copyright filters, then before you know it, you end up just like me.... 27 years old, and out of a YouTube channel that had 300k subscribers that you've put your heart and soul into for 5 years straight.

    It's so easy people and so cheap. Do not mess up your potential
    Thank me later