Saturday, June 18, 2011

Budget portable jib

This looks like a great jib at a very reasonable price. I just asked about their shipping costs to Amsterdam but if it's too much I may add it to my 'US gear shopping list' when I visit the East Coast this summer!

Portable 4' Video Crane Samples from Olivia Speranza on Vimeo.


  1. Hi jeroen
    Looks Ok for the money,
    I want 1, maybe we can split the post cost's
    Maybe that chick in the demo can delivery them aswell.

    grz Neal

  2. It's $53,- to ship to Amsterdam. I asked how much if they ship 2- keep you posted. I wouldn't mind having 'miss Speranza' deliver as well...

  3. Count me in.
    I,ll transfer to your bank account up front.

    Grz Neal.

  4. Hi Jeroen received this mail from the jib guys
    Hello Neal,

    The shipping cost for 2 jibs (in the same box) to Holland would be $85 USD, making your total cost $335 for 2 jibs and shipping. I would be happy to send you a Paypal invoice for them if you would like. Please understand that due to recent demand for these jibs, there is an approximate 14-18 business day wait before the jib will be shipped.

    Thank you again,

    Michael Long
    Glideshot Industries