Friday, June 3, 2011

Special offer: DVD Willem + book for 15,-

A few years ago I made a film, my first feature documentary, about a Dutch artist called Willem van Malsen. In Dutch the film is called: 'Willem, een duivelskunstenaar'.

The literal translation would be something like 'Willem: a devilish artist'. But the word 'duivelskunstenaar' in Dutch has several meanings: someone who is a master in his trait, a sorcerer. In relation to Willem it has even more meaning because he had a devilish/dark side to him. First off, he was funny as hell but it was it was the (d)evil in him, his substance abuse, that ultimately killed him at the age of 65.

These are the first 6 minutes of an intimate portrait of an irresistible, gregarious individual and wildly versatile talent through the eyes of some of his best friends, family members and colleagues.

This film was selected for the Nederlands Film Festival and was broadcast by the AVRO (public broadcasting) in 2008.

'Willem: een duivelskunstenaar' from Imagine Video on Vimeo.

The DVD plus a special edition sketchbook by Willem can be ordered for 15,- excl shipping for a limited time. (month of June) To order, please send an email to

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