Monday, May 2, 2011

Final Cut Pro X: a stable system at last?

So Final Cut Pro X is coming soon to a Mac near you and that looks great, but what does it mean for all the hard- and software that we use for editing?
For example: I own a Matrox MXO which I bought a few years ago for monitoring and color correcting HD video on a Dell 24' monitor. Now I can't say the experience has been entirely positive, to understate it... It worked for the first year or so on my G5 Quad but then the sh*t started to hit the fan. Mac OS upgrades and consequent MXO firmware upgrades have caused more misery than benefits.

I bought a Sony EX1-R last year. And to be able to monitor XDCam EX material in all its full HD glory I had to upgrade to a Mac Pro. But since then I have not been able to get synced audio...

FCP X has been built from the ground up. Most working an a stable editing machine will fear the moment of the switch to a new FCP. Will all the third party appliances and applications continue to work? Will you have a stable system?

In my case, I am looking forward to the new FCP X. My new Mac Pro has FCP crashing on a regular basis. Matrox MXO is worthless without audio. It can only get better from here on. But that only applies to me. For all others, we can only hope and pray for the best.

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