Sunday, May 15, 2011

A rising star


May I introduce -with certain pride- a rising star in the art scene: Frederique Masselink van Rijn, photographer. She lives most of the year on a mountain in Spain, about an hour's inland from Barcelona. Her house is a former factory and together with her husband they ' cultivate'  many acres of land, keep pigs, chicken and goats. He build and rebuilds and works on his dreamhouse. And Frederique photographs. She has a great, romantic eye and a love for the ruins, for the transient nature of matter. She shows us houses, for instance, in varying states of demise, the beauty of it, the inevitabilty, the peace.
She photographs interiors that are timeless, still lives like paintings.
And now her work is part of Art Amsterdam and I was just there. Her work is acquired by large collectors and organizations and she is at the beginning of a great career. She also happens to be my sister's daughter, my niece: Frederique.

El Pairet (2010)
Untitled (2010)
Hostal de la Muga II (2009)

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