Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stolen: SmallHD DP4

I sent my practically new SmallHD DP4 monitor in for repair a few weeks ago and yesterday I got word from SmallHD that someone along the way from Amsterdam to the USA opened the box, took out the monitor and closed it again in such a way that no one would notice..! Unfortunately SmallHD signed for it without checking the box... And that is very unfortunate, from a legal standpoint.
The only consolation is that the thief has a unit with sunburn spots on the LCD.(the reason my monitor went back for repair.) And because it's such a specialized piece of gear, only SmallHD can repair it. In case you come across a SmallHD DP4 (for sale) and it has serial# DP4-00473, please contact SmallHD.

The good news is that my new replacement monitor is on the way. Let's just hope it doesn't pass the same thieving hands when it travels to Amsterdam. One thing I know for certain: I will check every box I receive before signing for it.

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