Monday, October 17, 2011

15,- Pentax 6mm 1.2 (succes at last!)

I finally made myself a working Pentax 6mm! It took a lot of time, research, careful scrutiny and frustration and, most recently, the purchase of a Dremel but alas, I have a fast, wide lens that has infinity focus- and beyond! I also finally received my stepup ring so I could use my LCD variable ND-filter and shoot happily outside.


  1. what step up ring did you buy?
    do you have a link?

    do you use the kipon adapter?
    i read your previous posts,
    but never found the answer.

    thank you so much!!

    1. In my case I have a 52mm LCW filter so I bought a 40.5 to 52mm stepup ring. Just type in the numbers + stepup ring on eBay.
      I use a simple c-mount to M43 adapter. See my Popular Posts and one post called 'Sexiest Topic on Earth (not): lens adapters'.