Friday, October 21, 2011

Small HD DP4 and Zacuto EVF compared

Nice Lady does it again: nice review of the DP4 vs the Zacuto EVF! She's turning this review into a series with a cliffhanger: part 3 is still to come! I was planning to do my own review but then my DP4 got fried before I got the chance to. I was going to spend a day shooting with soundman Neal McDiarmid -who owns a Zacuto EVF- and compare the two but Nice Lady beat us to it. That's fine: the more, the better, right? We will do our own anyway, so people can make an even more informed decision. Meanwhile, this is what Nice Lady has to say about both EVF's. Nice work, Nice Lady!


  1. Hey Jeroen .
    What a nice lady.
    She's good aswell .
    I dont think we could do it this good.

    grz neal

  2. Not so modest, Neal- of course we can! Well, at least we'll do it differently... ;-)