Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Missing in Action

Waddaya mean DSLR small form factor..??!
Within a week of having my mattebox all set up with my new Formatt glass 4x4 filters, I lost one of my filter holders with a Circular Polarizer still in it. I've been shooting out on the edge of a lake and experimented with different filters. My mattebox has two filter holders and I would shoot with both the polarizer and the ND filter, take out the polarizer, shoot with just one filter, etc. Occasionally I placed a filterholder with glass against my camerabag. I probably looked right through it when I left (it's glass*%##!) and found out 3 days later I was missing a filter and filterholder. So today I biked the 10 miles to the lake to see if it was still lying somewhere in the grass but that was just too much to hope for...
I just spent €25,- to send my damaged SmallHD monitor in for repair, now I need to spend another €80,- to replace my filter and holder. None of this would have happened if I just stuck to shooting with my EX1 and keep things nice and simple... Which goes to prove: the more stuff you have, the more can go wrong... (and it usually does)



  1. hey Jeroen
    9 times out of ten,your clients will be more than happy with the results from the EX1, and its a lot easier to use.
    I'm glad i still have my little canon HV30 it might be little, but it gets the shots when i need it.Its not 5D quality but sometimes I dont need it.

    I think most of us get carried away on the DSLR trip, Thinking we are filming Load of the rings, every time we hit record on the foto cams.

    Another plus for the EX1 = proper audio inputs.

    grz soundmanneal

  2. I hear you, Neal. The EX1 is the meat, the DSLR the gravy... or something like that...