Friday, October 14, 2011

External audio recorder? Use your iPhone!

You can now record professional audio on your iPhone. Sounds pretty good. (What it claims to do, I mean...;-) Apparently it is being used professionally. At $30,- Pro Audio to Go is not cheap but any decent audiorecorder starts at $80,- 

'Pro Audio To Go turns your iPhone into a 48 kHz professional quality recording device for use on location by news reporters, journalists, documentarians, musicians, DSLR videographers, filmmakers, producers and editors. With a single tap on your phone, you can record an AIFF audio file in 48 kHz. Upload the file directly to an FTP server or email it, then download and instantly begin using it in your editing system's Timeline. No conversion necessary!'

  • Record at 48 kHz AIFF
  • Customize pre-sets for any microphone 
  • XLR connection plugs into iPhone with purchasable cable 
  • Record 48 kHz easily with built-in iPhone microphone 
  • Customize pre-sets for EQ and Gain controls
  • Email file or upload directly to FTP to your news bureau or editor
  • Drop AIFF audio file directly into your editing Timeline 
  • Timer counts down remaining time (memory) on your iPhone in hours, minutes, and seconds

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