Monday, December 12, 2011

The customer is always right...

..even if he's wrong.
What do you do if your customer has very different ideas about what is considered a very common transition? Or wants a certain shot replaced 'because he says so'? Wants to replace the soundtrack of your film with music you've tried to avoid listening to your entire life? Wants to ruin the rhythm and mood of your piece by adding a powerpoint presentation?
Wants to put this guy in the film not because he actually has something to contribute but because it's his boss..?
What if your customer has no taste at all? Wants all christmas trees turned pink & yellow? Wants all humans replaced by monkeys? Wants four versions of the same film so he can decide which one he likes best? So what do you do?

You just do it. Why? Because he's paying the bill and it's his film- you can be an artist in your own time... (This article is a reminder to myself...)

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