Friday, December 9, 2011

Turn 2D into 3D

This is some amazing effect and it can really draw you into the story- literally. (Incidentally: I read a piece yesterday which claimed that it was scientifically proven that 3D sells- literally. 3D commercials apparently result in selling something like 40-60% more than 2D. As long as you don't have to wear the stupid goggles, which really turns me -and a lot of other people- off of 3D...)
Anyway, if you can't afford to shoot 3D or don't want to shoot 3D, you can always see if you can manipulate 2D images to look like 3D. Pretty cool.


  1. Met welke tool/effect binnen welk programma dan?
    Dat vind ik niet terug in je post.

    1. The whole process (modelling, texturing, compositing) was done with Blender 2.49.

      Staat onderaan de clip op Vimeo!