Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nice bag, great price

Did I mention I have somewhat of a bag-fetish..? I love bags almost as much as my wife does- and that says a lot... The difference is that my bags are functional and tax-deductible whereas my wife's bags are often disfunctional and disposable...
My bags are mostly 'work-bags': bags to hold & protect camera's and other gear. I have six bags just lying in my office and another 4 bags in my closet.
Now today I received an email from a company called Oribags. Usually I throw these ads out but when I spotted a picture of a Crumpler bag in the email, my attention was grabbed. It turns out they had a special deal going on for a messenger type bag called the Six Million Dollar Bag for US $69,90. Now I already have a Crumpler and I love the quality. But I want a bigger model as well. The Six Million Dollar Bag is a fairly big, waterproof, well-cushioned camerabag. I wanted the biggest model they had and when I searched their website I found and ordered the Seven Million Dollar Bag for 79,90 shipped. Considering B&H sells these bags for $145,- that is an excellent price!
This bag will serve double-duty: not only will it hold one or two DSLR's with a few lenses but it will also hold my Sony EX1R videocamera if I don't want to bring my full-fledged Petrol camerabag.
With this latest acquisition I have 'a bag for every occasion', as my wife likes to say...


  1. Hmmm... zo grooot is de tad toch niet. Kijkend naar...

    De zijkanten staan open dit zou voor mij een reden zijn de tas niet te kopen.

    Veel plezier met de tas en geniet ervan.

    Mvg, ton

  2. Die 6 million dollar is inderdaad te klein: daarom heb ik ook de 7 million dollar besteld ;-)

    Die zijkanten zijn goed afgesloten met speciale anti-lek sleuven- ik heb er al één zoals je kon lezen en daar ben ik al heel blij mee. Deze is nog beter ;-) Het zijn supertassen. Echt een heel goeie deal, Ton, zou je ook moeten doen!

    groeten, Jeroen

  3. Hey Jeroen

    Mooi tasje.
    Thats quite a fetish you've got.

    off topic, I used the Mini jib for the 1st time last tuesday.2 hour shoot, Result can be seen here.
    PS: The candle's were not my idea.

    speak soon
    GRZ Soundmanneal.

  4. Excuus, niet goed gelezen.

    Ben zelf toch meer vd 4-kante (practische)tassen.
    Maar wel mooi om naar andere tassen te kijken.

    Mvg, ton

  5. @Neal Looks slick, Neal, good work! The jib is awesome, so easy to get nice results right away!

    @Ton Dit is echt een tas voor on-the-go: op de fiets of lopend, dan is mijn Petrol cameratas geen optie ;-)

  6. So did you buy you Crumpler from Oribags, and was it any good. I'm pretty certain these are fakes, but was wondering how good they are in comparison to the real thing. (Crumpler is an Australian company and the prices here are about the same as US).

  7. @martyvis Sorry for the late response- was in the countryside in France- no internet connection! Yes, I bought my bag from Oribags and if this is a fake, I really don't mind because the quality is top-notch. I even found the same bag 10,- cheaper on eBay but I I obviously can't vouch for that quality...

  8. Sorry to say they are fake. Quality is nowhere near as good as the real thing. You only need to look at the quality of the materials and the treatment of the logo.