Friday, December 2, 2011


I've always had a soft spot for the Cam Caddie. It's small, cheap (only $40,-), multi-functional and it looks like some kind of bug. It's just that I've had too many other stabilizers and rigs to ever go out and buy one, but this little bugger could prove a very worthwhile little 'cage'.
You can mount just about anything onto it: lights, mics, monitors, handles. It serves like a stabilizer and will get you smooth, low-angle shots. And last but not least: it protects your camera, sort of... You can also secure the camera between the platform and the handle with these special lockout kits (ridiculously expensive- this screams for DIY!) to get a nice, stiff rig when working with heavier camera's and/or gear. If you don't have a cage, rig or money, give this a shot. As I said, they're $40 new but you can often find them used on eBay for half!

Here's an old-school promo video on the Cam Caddie (cheap and effective, just like the cam caddie!)

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