Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who needs new camera's anyway?

Often we're so caught up in the peripheral stuff that we spend too little time doing what we should be doing: filming. I am the first one to plead guilty. One of these peripheral things is this blog. And the gear, the technical stuff, the gadgets. It gobbles up disproportionate amounts of my time.
And then you see something that was shot on a Canon HV20 (I could have sworn it was a DSLR) and it looks stunning and blows away footage shot with the newest gear 5 times the price. And I think: I still have a HV20 lying around and I have always used it for B-roll. If I would have explored more of this camera, I could have done so much more with it. Many of us have too many options, it distracts from the core. It is is true, it is cliché and it needs to be repeated like a chant: less not only is more, less will bring you more. So here's something shot with the 'obsolete' Canon HV20:

MACRONATURE from monso on Vimeo.

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