Sunday, April 3, 2011


Just came across a stunning piece of photo/video journalism. A trailer, a pitch, a teaser or whatever you want to call it, for a 'crowdfunding' project; a term that has reached my eyes for the first time today. People on the internet decide whether or not they find your project interesting enough to donate money to, starting at US $10,-.

Sin & Salvation in Baptist Town-by Matt from on Vimeo.

The so-called 'backers' of the project have access to the 'making of' part of the projects' website and, depending on the amount you contribute, receive rewards in the form of signed photographs.
Thus great ideas can take place because people believe in them. Filmmakers or photographers don't have to talk to one party for funding but interact with many small parties, your financers, participants and audience in one. Internet at its finest.

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