Monday, July 25, 2011

Amazing GH2 hack footage

The latest Panasonic GH2 patch seems to be able of some awe-inspiring stuff. The Vitaly team has been able to pump up the bitrate to a dazzling 50 MBP/S (factory bitrate is 17 MBP/S at highest setting!) and GOP3 ('Group Of Pictures.' To put it simply, the shorter the GOP, the better the quality (and less efficient) Is what they say...) Check out this footage, which is compressed for Vimeo and not even at 1920x1080! Original footage is said to be twice as good-a number of people compare this to RED 4K footage.
Not bad for a €800,- body... Aren't we having fun?

GH2k hack - 50mbp/s GOP 3 from BC Olejniczak on Vimeo.


  1. Beste, Weet jij waar ik een GH2 body kan kopen? Ik zie ze overal te koop met een lens.

  2. Bij Foto Booms op de van Woustraat in Amsterdam heb ik mijne gekocht. Daar haalde ze de lens er vanaf et voila: body only!