Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crashtest: Nature fader ND-filter

I was going to shoot some stuff with my brandnew Nature fader ND filter but before I was even able to take it out of my camerabag, it decided to go all by itself. Followed by my lens, a Carl-Zeiss Jena Flektogon 20/4. I was shooting in the center of town today and while I bent over to check composition on a very low shot, my lens with attached Nature fader ND fell out of my bag.
I was paying attention to everything: my dog, the bums, the ferris wheel, the traffic and the cops. Everything except my bag, which I didn't secure. A warning to all: lock your bag after taking stuff out! Or bring a padded lens-pouch. Luckily the filter took the complete hit and my lens remained unharmed.
Bye bye Nature fader ND! That's another $70,- down the drain. I am having very bad karma-month: first my SmallHD monitor fries, then I lose a 4x4 glass filter and now this...

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